.Trick Or Treat

It’s gatcha time again wooo! Today the Tricky Treats Gatcha opened and oh my I went a little crazy, I usually set myself rules like Play each one once and leave but of course that never ever happens! One of my favourites so far that I definitely  didn’t play just once is the NACH Halloween Candy Stall seen above, I just couldn’t resist trying to get everything.

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.Chasing The Light

[►] Hiiii! So it’s time again for Limited 50 and after actually remembering it opened this morning I went on a shopping trip with my Nana to grab a handful of adorable goodies! This Autumn/Winter Sweater Dress from BabyPie is just as adorable as all her usual creations, with its custom mesh I’m so excited to see what else will come out in similar styles soon! And for some cute accessories for your room starting with the Whale Toy from Little Closet and the awesome kitty rocker from .Olive. Lastly the snuggle pillow Witchlphant from .Olive. too I just couldn’t resist it is soooo cute, it comes with both huggable and rezzable versions!

Anyway don’t forget to stop by before its all gone as there is so much more cuteness there to steal –> TP HERE



.For All We Know


[►]  Goooood Afternoon!

I just couldn’t resist taking a picture of this outfit and blogging it, Gabby really does make the most adorable freaking outfits ever! I skipped down to Babypie yesterday to grab this adorable outfit for flf and couldn’t then resist buying up all the other colour combinations that were out for Wacky wednesday too, it’s the perfect little fall outfit really thats so easy to mix and match with nearly everything!

So you all should go down and steal some of these essential items for your wardrobes like now!

P.s Don’t forget tomorrow’s lazy sunday unicorn outfit is out now too which is irresistible!

.Jumper & Headband – Babypie – Juliana Outfit *FLF*

.Tights – Babypie – Melanine Outfit *Wacky Wednesday*

.Boots – Little Closet

.Hair – Diva

.Don’t Stop Thinking About Tomorrow…

[►] Evening lovlies, Today I was meant to do some srs rl school work but i got distracted and bored so I started sorting through my inventory (which is also something I can’t bare to do). As I was throwing stuff on which looked semi-cute I decided to try out my PS skills on my new mac, It wasn’t nearly half as bad as I expected so be prepared for lots more random pictures when I’m bored!

.Tshirt – Little Closet – Basic T’s

.Cardigan – TheKidCompany – Kylei’s Outfit

.Skirt – *click* – Princess Monogram Tutu *from Gatcha*

.Tights – *BB* – Shawna 

.Socks – Little Closet – Bunbun socks in plum

.Chocolate Feast

I took a little trip to the candy fair today and explored around looking for more cute stuff. Then when I got home I was so hungry the only cupboard I could reach was the chocolate one so I had myself a little feast, as you can see I made a bit of a mess…..

.Jumper – Turducken – Beary Sweater *Woodlands Gatcha*

.Tights – Little Closet – Knit Polka Dot Leggings

.Pose – *click* – Chocolate Bar *Candy Fair*

.Props – Nuttella Jars – [nerdalicious] *OLD*, Chocolate Tins – Marmalade *Candy Fair*


.I will be found

*shakes all the dust off* Hiii! It’s been a while but I got super bored today and decided to have a play around with some outfits (and go on a shopping spree) As many of you have discovered Little Closet is just about the cutest SL store and well I found myself taking another trip back there today to grab some more things that I didn’t have already…pretty sure in a months time I’ll own everything!

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. SL Disney Bound Week 15 – Boo

Just a super quick post before I curl up to read my book, I finally remembered to check what the Disney Bound was this week and as it was Boo I couldn’t resist trying to throw something together.

.Top – Petite Silhouette – Kyrill in Pink

. Jeans – Oh Daisies – Candii Fleecy Pans in Purple

. Shoes – Petite Bowtique – Tams Glitter in Blush

. Glasses – Kumaki

. Necklace – Noodles – Enchanted Rose Necklace *surprise Arcade Gatcha*

. Hair – Chemistry – Buttons *Note from the back it doesn’t actually fit as its rigged but otherwise its cute for pictures

Hope you all have a fabulous week!


. All I want

Happy Friday lovelies, I hope you all survived to the end of the week in one piece. I know I very nearly didn’t after one too many glasses of apple juice in the week…Anyhow It’s my favourite time of the week because it means I can SHOP! This week the lovely Gabby has once again made some adorable new mesh for us in the form if this beautiful maxi skirt, and well I found the perfect spot on our sim to take a picture and have had the best evening listening to pretty music! [►]

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.Searching For Trouble

Haaai Sparkles!

So today I went out on a little adventure bobbing along in my little tub (which is from Forget Me Not). I was on the patrol for Pirates because I hear they like to steal kitties and well our island has LOTS of kitties because we all love them…including Frannie she just likes to deny this! Luckily I can safely say that today we were safe from Pirates and all the kitties are safe….

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