.I will be found

*shakes all the dust off* Hiii! It’s been a while but I got super bored today and decided to have a play around with some outfits (and go on a shopping spree) As many of you have discovered Little Closet is just about the cutest SL store and well I found myself taking another trip back there today to grab some more things that I didn’t have already…pretty sure in a months time I’ll own everything!

Anyway so yeah I just threw this together because i felt like being fallish and my new song for the week John Mayer – I Will Be Found

*throws glitter and blows you all kisses*

.Outfit – Little Closet – Beary Lazy Outfit in Chocolate

.Socks – Little Closet – Bunbun Socks in Toast

.Ears – Half-Deer – Deer ears in Brown

.Facepaint – Oh!Liv – Fawn Makeup

.Antlers – Half-Deer – Metallic Leaf-Vine Antlers in Bronze

.Hair – Magika – Little


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