.a fresh start.

Hi Sparklies!

Some of you may remember The Glitterists from way back in March 2012 when the blog first started. Well since then we’ve seen new bloggers join us & some old ones depart, and after a long hiatus we are finally back to keep you informed of all the latest news and releases from the kid and family community. We are really excited to be back, and with some little blog updates and a new logo we are finally ready to bring you cute looks once again.

The Glitterists is now made up of Francii Loxely, Topanga Lexington & JamieJo Myoo, who have all blogged here before! As always, we are happy for you to contact us inworld with any ideas, suggestions of places to shop, or events you think we should see.

So here’s to new beginnings, and hopefully we’ll see you on the next post!